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Oils - Fluids

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2T-oil Gro Offroad 1 Racing Oil > GRO100OFFR

100% synthetic 2T - oil / 1 liter

Specially developed for Cross, Enduro and Trial competition engines

Its special..

Product: GRO100OFFR

Stock: 2 pcs

Price: 19.50 €

Gro Air & Repair Spray for repairing the tire > GRO100A&R

Repairing the tire GTS-30
200 ml
The indispensable spray in case of a flat, without having to remove the tire.
It allows..

Product: GRO100A-R

Stock: 2 pcs

Price: 5.90 €

Gro Brake Fluid 0,5L DOT-4 > GRO100DOT4

Synthetic fluid for brake systems (disk or tambour), and gear commanders.
It is especially recommended for its high boiling..

Product: GRO100DOT4

Stock: 4 pcs

Price: 8.10 €

Gro Foam Filter Oil 1L > GRO100CF1

Filter Oil 1L
Protects the filter from water, dust, grit and dirt
Soak new filters well and then drain
To maintain used..

Product: GRO100CF1

Stock: 23 pcs

Price: 15.80 €

Gro Fork Fluid Sae10W > GRO100FF10

Synthetic fork oil SAE10W / 0,5L
Synthetic fork fluid especially designed to meet the requirements of the moderm syspensions..

Product: GRO100FF10

Stock: 1 pcs

Price: 8.98 €

Gro Fork Fluid SAE5W 1L > GRO100FF51

Synthetic fork oil SAE5W / 1L
Synthetic fork fluid especially designed to meet the requirements of the moderm syspensions..

Product: GRO100FF51

Stock: 10 pcs

Price: 14.80 €

Gro Gear Extrem 75 > GRO100GE

Oil for gearboxes 1L
100% synthetic lubricant for racing transmissions and gearboxes with wet clutch
Low viscosity..

Product: GRO100GE

Stock: 3 pcs

Price: 23.00 €

Gro Global Ultra 5 for clutch > GRO100GU

High performance fluid with paraffinic bases for the cluth circuit of motorbikes.

It is highly compatible with seals..

Product: GRO100GU

Stock: 14 pcs

Price: 8.00 €